Personal insurance is often a contentious topic, but it’s one that you must consider as part of a wealth-planning strategy. Insurance will protect you and your loved ones in times of extreme stress, such as in the event of your disability or death.

However, there are many strategies we can use to reduce your insurance burden while still ensuring that you have maximum protection. Insurance planning has two major components: a realistic risk assessment profile and managing premiums to facilitate wealth growth.

The advisors at Surely Now will work with you to develop a life insurance strategy that meets your needs in the event of your death or disability. 

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The risk assessment profile helps us outline your insurance solution. It includes asking questions such as:

  • How much of an impact will disability have on your ability to earn an income?
  • How much life insurance do you need?
  • Can you use your insurance solution to reduce your tax liability?
  • How can we preserve your wealth and legacy in the event of your death?

Our insurance team has the resources and experience to tailor a custom insurance solution for your situation that will help you build your wealth while keeping your existing wealth secure. 

Our connections can help us reduce your insurance premiums through single-premium immediate annuities, annuity rescue solutions, and executive bonus or benefits programs

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