The bigger your business, the more complex the financial landscape you have to navigate. While having an in-house finance team is essential, working with a professional business wealth management service like Surely Now comes with benefits.

We have in-depth experience of many common business concerns, including retirement plan solutions, tax planning, and institutional cash management. Our team will work seamlessly with your in-house financial consultants to provide you with the best solution possible.

Having a second set of eyes on the problem often leads to exciting and innovative solutions that will take your business to the next level. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our advisors.


One of the biggest hurdles for a developing business is managing the finances that come with hiring employees. Not only do you have to understand their unique tax requirements, but you also need to consider retirement readiness.

Providing a comprehensive, employee-sponsored retirement plan offers several benefits apart from ERISA compliance. A good retirement plan is an excellent way to attract and retain highly qualified employees and give your business a competitive edge.

Whether you’re looking to design a comprehensive retirement plan from scratch or want to improve on your existing retirement plan solutions, Surely Now is here to help. Our team of certified specialists can help expand your sponsored plan and help employees save over the long term.

These services will help you get your retirement plan solution off the ground and get your employees saving for their personal financial goals.


Each business is different, and so is every employee. We conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of your participant base to provide an appealing, high-quality plan that benefits you and your employees.

If you already have an existing plan, our consultation services can streamline it to deliver more effective results. We provide fiduciary advice to help you act in your employees’ best interests while also drawing up a customized plan of diversified investments that will meet their needs.

Choosing the right plan sponsors can be extremely challenging. Our industry experience and wide range of contacts mean that we can evaluate and recommend the right service provider and vendor to meet the needs of the plan.

At Surely Now, we believe in creating lasting partnerships with our business clients, which is why we also provide regular monitoring and assessment. The financial landscape can change rapidly, and your retirement plan solutions have to adapt accordingly.


The final facet of our comprehensive retirement plan solution is providing participant education. Every employee has different financial goals, making it vital to provide educational resources to help them make the right financial decision.

We offer webinars and online meetings to provide employees with educational resources and individual one-on-one time to discuss their goals. Plan participants also receive regular communication about changes or adjustments to the plan which may affect them, helping them stay connected and invested in their goals.

The best way to empower employees is to provide them with individual wealth management services. By having an in-depth understanding of your business retirement solutions, we provide informative wealth planning solutions to everyone in the business and help them achieve their financial goals.